KY Space Grant Pre-College Activites

KY students can begin their pathway into STEM and NASA-aligned learning at an early age by engaging with programming available from our pre-college partners.

Students participating in a Kentucky State University pre-college programStudents of all ages can participate in NASA and STEM activities created and offered by KY Space Grant Consortium affiliate institutions. These include outreach programming, STEM events, team competitions and more. KY Space Grant partners also offer K-12 teacher professional development opportunities.

Visit websites below to learn about STEM opportunities available for Kentucky students and families across the state, including NASA-related activities:

Kentucky colleges and universities also offer NASA and STEM outreach and events for Kentucky families and pre-college students, including STEM camps, engineering and science activities, and Engineering Days (E-Days). See the KY Space Grant page for affiliated institutions.

In addition to Kentucky Space Grant activities, explore NASA content, current NASA opportunities, NASA Next Gen STEM and NIA K-12 Programs and Resources for Pre-College STEM Experiences, Educator Professional Development, and Team Challenges.

Educators can also join the NASA CONNECTS network of educators.

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