NASA Internships

Students interested in Summer, Fall and/or Spring Internships at NASA, as well as year-round fellowships and co-op programs, may apply directly to NASA through the websites below.

Most of NASA’s student internship opportunities are accessible with a single application using the NASA OSSI system – One Stop Shopping Initiative: Student Online Applications for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars. Opportunities may be available at different times throughout the year.


NASA Pathways – NASA Pathways Programs   Check Openings

MUREP – Minority University Research & Education Project

Space Tech Fellowships – NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships

NASA Academies –

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Dr. Suzanne Weaver Smith, Director

Dr. Janet K. Lumpp, Associate Director

Jacob Owen, Assistant Director

Mark Pittman, Program Manager

NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium and EPSCoR Programs
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Phone: 859-218-6272 (859-218-NASA)