Proposal Forms

1) Download PDF forms below.

2) Open in recent version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to enter and save form data.
(Mac users should verify form is open in an Adobe program.)

3) Visit Submit a Proposal page for submission instructions.

4) Read our FAQ for NASA KY policies and answers to commonly asked questions.

Student Forms

NASA KY Student Information Form (SIF) 2015 (pdf)

RFP-16-001: Space Grant Programs Forms

NASA KY Space Grant Cover Form 2015 (pdf)
NASA KY Space Grant Budget Form 2015 (pdf)

RFP-16-002: EPSCoR RID Forms (RIDG, WCS)

NASA KY EPSCOR RID Programs Cover Form 2015 (pdf)
NASA KY EPSCoR RID Programs Budget Form 2015 (pdf)

RFP-16-003: EPSCoR RA Pre-Proposal Forms

NASA KY EPSCoR RA Pre-Proposal Cover Form 2015 (pdf)

*Combine multiple cover pages into one PDF as needed. Signatures required only on first page.

Contact Us

NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium and EPSCoR Programs
University of Kentucky College of Engineering
112 Robotics Bldg (RMB)
Lexington, KY 40506-0108

Phone: 859-218-6272 (859-218-NASA)

Dr. Suzanne Weaver Smith, Director

Dr. Jane Hayes, Associate Director 859-323-4544

Jacob Owen, Assistant Director

Mark Pittman, Program Manager